Tired of negative campaigning

I’ve had enough. I have decided that who I vote for will be determined by the type of ads I see by the candidates. If you are running for an office and use your opponents flaws or fabricated facts about your opponent as a basis for your campaign, I’m not voting for you. If you can’t run on your own strengths, you shouldn’t be running. I’m so sick of seeing candidates on TV spending their full minute of airtime to tell me what’s wrong with their opponent while not giving me one bit of information about themselves. Stop trying to play on some emotion you think I have and, give me facts. Tell me what your strategy is for improving my life. Don’t point a finger at your competition and tell me they are liars, cheats, or thieves. Give me facts about yourself. How can I confidently vote for you when it is obvious you don’t have enough confidence in yourself to be able to tell me why and how you’ll do a better job than the person you are running against? Make me a believer in YOU.

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