Tired of Negative campaigning part 2

Kudos to Chuck Shumer for hitting the airwaves with commercials about what he’s accomplished, not what his opponent supposedly did or lacks….
Shame on you to both Matt Doheny and Bill Owens for running commercials that give us absolutely NOTHING about yourselves…..In neither commercial could I tell what either of you stand for. You are embarrassments and the very epitome of what is wrong with today’s politicians…
Shame on you to the Democratic party for running commercials full of accusations and mis-represented facts. You are better than this.
Shame on you to Patty Richie for running commercials similar to the Doheny and Owens embarrassments. I didn’t know anything about you before the commercial and came away from it knowing even less….
Kudos, then, shame-on-you to Darryl Aubertine who has one commercial describing what he will do and what he has done but, a few minutes later, running a commercial doing nothing but accusing his opponent of things that I can only guess are half-true.
As you can see, I am not biased towards or against one party or the other. They both have their flaws. I can only be thankful that there at least is one (Chuck Shumer) who stays above the ridiculous.

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