Heroes still exist

Today most people would admit that heroes are hard to come by.  Even the traditional ones from eras past have had their legends tainted.  Lincoln was supposedly a closet homosexual.  Ben Franklin a persistent womanizer.  George Washington’s teeth weren’t wood at all,  they were actual teeth purchased from his slaves and taken from assorted animals.   I could go on and on how the “information age” has destroyed our innocence and ideals.  In spite of this, I truly believe there are heroes that still exist today.  As a matter of fact, I know there are.

I have three heroes.  As each day goes by all three of them only grow in stature in my eyes.  Each is a hero to me in their own specific way and, each inspires me on a daily basis.   They aren’t well-known and, maybe someday they will be.  It is still too early to tell.   Their names are Sarah, Matt and Kristen.   They are my kids.

Sarah is my focused one.  She is driven like no one else I have ever met.  I truly believe there is nothing Sarah cannot do.  She left for the University of Rochester this fall and already has made her mark on the lacrosse team and,  has pulled in straight A’s in her classes to this point.  She is going to double-major in Chemistry and Math and, minor in Writing.   On top of that, she’s an accomplished artist.   I am truly amazed at how far my first-born has come and even more amazed at just how high she can go.

Matt is the passionate child.  Whereas Sarah has had to work very hard to accomplish things,  for Matt it is just second-nature.  He grasps things so easily both academically and athletically.  If you were to look up “natural ability” in the dictionary,  Matt’s picture would be there.  What sets him apart is his passion.   Natural athleticism and intelligence are true gifts but, they are only properly used when they are initiated with a fire in the belly and Matt has that fire within.  I love watching him in athletic competition – no matter the sport.  His combination of intelligence and “lay it all on the line” style of play leave me in awe.

Kristen, my youngest,  is intelligent and, our musically gifted offspring.  Her ability to teach herself music on both the piano and trombone leaves me speechless.  She has already won awards playing the piano and is pulling down straight A’s in school like her older siblings.   She has been taking dance and,  to watch her on stage moving to the rhythm of the music, one can’t help but realize where Kristen’s passions and talents lie.   Being only in the fifth grade, her ceiling is infinite and I can’t wait to see where all of this will take her.

Yes, I am a very proud parent.   Guilty as charged.   I also consider myself a very lucky parent.   To this point, I have had three kids who have maneuvered themselves away from the troubles of today’s society and have found niches to pursue.   None of them are perfect but, that’s the beauty of life isn’t it?

Upon learning of his son’s tragic death, Bill Cosby said “He was my hero”.   I completely understand his feelings.   So,  next time you begin to think that it is impossible to have a hero in this day and age,  look a little closer to home…..you might just change your mind.

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