Favorite Movies


I was thinking the other day that I’ve seen a lot of movies in my 46 yrs and thought I’d throw out my Top-Twenty list.  They are a mix of old and new.  A lot of them are historical, some funny, some romantic….

1.  Field of Dreams –  Love baseball, love history and this combines both.

2.  Glory

3.  The Outlaw Jose Wales

4.  Dances With Wolves

5.  The Rock

6.  Pulp Fiction

7.  Saving Private Ryan

8.  Gran Torino

9.  National Treasure

10.  The Da Vinci Code

11.  Back to the Future

12.  Letters from Iwo Jima

13.  The Bridge on the River Kwai

14.  Forrest Gump

15.  City of Angels

16.  O’ Brother Where Art Thou?

17.  Flags of our Fathers

18.  Toy Story

19.  The Family Man

20.  The Guns of Navarone

My list could go on and on but, I listed the first twenty all of which if I was channel surfing and one of these happened to be playing, I’d stop and watch.








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