Thank You.

On this day we remember those who have served and, who currently serve in our Armed Forces so that we can enjoy the freedoms our great country has to offer.

For me, personally, my family has had involvement in many of the wars this country has fought in.   My 5th great-grandfather, Solomon Wixon was a Minuteman in the Revolution.   His son Solomon Jr. was in the army in the War of 1812.   My 3rd great-grandfather, Jesse Soper, lost a son during boot camp for the Union troops in the Civil War and, left his family of 11 to take that son’s place.  He went on to serve in an artillery unit that participated in the Battle of the Wilderness.  It was there that he developed dysentery and died 6 months later.   My great-uncle and namesake, Steven Skinner, was killed in France in the battle of the Meuse-Argonne during World War 1.  He was a Corporal in a unit – Company D, 11th Regiment of the 5th division- that was attempting to secure a bridge when they came under fire.   My Dad was in the Army during the Korean War.  Fortunately, he didn’t see combat but, was willing to lay down his life for this country if it called on him to do so.

To all of them,  I offer my sincerest of thanks.   To all who currently serve,  you are our country’s beloved protectors and, I salute you.  Today lift your chins a little higher, puff out your chests a little farther and go forward knowing you have our deepest respect and gratitude.

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