A wrong-doing in America – Boy told to remove American Flag

I had a rather productive morning today and, decided that during my lunch I’d check the news.  It is sunny here, warmer than usual and, it had been a good day up until I read the following story:


As I made my way through it, I could feel my blood pressure rising.  Several questions immediately found their way into my head –

1.  How does the American Flag incite racial tensions in the United States?

2.  Don’t public schools fly the American Flag?

3.  If anyone living in the United States is offended by the flag, why do they live here?

4.  Why would they choose the week of Veteran’s day to make the boy remove the flag? Especially since he apparently had been flying it for two months.

What Denair Middle School did was WRONG.  It was UNPATRIOTIC.   It was DISRESPECTFUL.    As a red-blooded American,  I charge you, Denair Middle School,  with TREASON.

How dare you make a student remove the American Flag, which our forefathers fought so bravely for and for which, our servicemen and women today fight so valiantly for.   You are a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Middle School.   Those who choose to not honor that flag should be asked to leave the school and find a private school to attend (preferably outside of the U.S. borders).

Denair,  you embarrass me as a citizen of this country and I strongly encourage all who read this blog to call Denair Middle School at (209) 632-2510 to voice your displeasure as well.

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