Just Shut Up Terrell….

Last night in the middle of the blowout that was a football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins, Terrell Owens posted a tweet critical of Donovan McNabb‘s recent contract extension with the ‘Skins.  Basically it said “How can you justify a 5 yr $70 million contract based on tonight’s performance?”.

I find this ironic given the fact that the day before in a game against Indianapolis, Owens clearly quit on multiple plays that could have impacted the result – a 23 – 17 Indy win.   On two occasions he either pulled his arms back or veered away when confronted with possible contact.  One such occurrence resulted in an interception and, to make matters worse, at the end of the play the opposing player fumbled the ball –  to which Terrell just stood and watched, making no effort to try to recover possession and, made no effort to tackle the opponent.    This type of effort should not be surprising as Owens has made it his M.O. with every team he has played for.   With the Eagles he had a 7 year $49 million contract.   In addition to disrupting the team environment there, he became infamous for his timely drops of passes.    In Dallas, where he had a 3 year, $25 million contract,   he fine tuned his “cancer in the clubhouse” talents as well as began a “Dion Sanders”- like shy-away-from-contact habit.   Having destroyed that team, he had a one-year banishment to Buffalo ($6.5 million contract) where the short-arming of passes across the middle became his trademark.    Now he finds himself playing for the 3-6 Cincinnati Bengals (one year, $2 million contract with incentives for an additional $2 million) where it appeared over the first seven games of the year that he was finally going to be a bonafide receiver.   Shame on us who actually believed that as,  this past Sunday showed the real Terrell Owens once again.  It was the same old T.O., veering away from contact,  short-arming passes across the middle and, pulling his best Randy Moss imitation and skipping the post-game meal – criticizing it as he did so.   Yes,  the “cancer” is back and the Bengals are its latest victims.

Given all the money that has already been thrown his way and, the lack of return he has provided to the teams he has played for, Mr. Owens should just sit down and shut up when it comes to critiquing another player’s contract.    He has yet to even come close to performing to the levels of the contracts he has signed.   Seeing the downward spiral of the values of those contracts, it would appear that he is running out of teams in the NFL to scam.

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