Scan and pat-down all you want.

The media is saying a lot of people are having issues with the full-body scanners that have begun finding their way into airports.  These people are also taking issue with the more “intense” pat downs being used.   I am having trouble understanding why there are people having problems with these methods if it means having safer airways.   

My opinion is this:  If someone wants to stare at my “junk” through a scanner, they are the ones with a problem, not me.   If they are doing it to ensure that I don’t have a concealed weapon, have at it.   If airport security needs to slide their hands up my legs and across my crotch to ensure I don’t have something hidden away that would bring terror to my flight, again, have at it.    The people doing the searches and doing the scanning are looking at literally hundreds of people each day.  They don’t have the time to stop and admire or criticize.    Besides, what makes me think that at the end of the day, they would remember my scan or my pat-down?   I have nothing to overly brag about nor do I have anything to be overly shy about.   Even if I did, I know that I’ll not remember who patted me down or, who scanned me and, chances are, the same would go for them.   If these procedures help to prevent even one flight a year from being held hostage or, flown into a building,  I’m all for them.   I’m willing to temporarily sacrifice my pride and privacy to keep the safety measures in place.    And, if it means that it takes me 15 or 20 more minutes to get into my seat in the plane, so be it.  I just know that I want the safest possible trip to whatever destination I’m flying to.

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