The U.S. Press needs to GROW UP

Ok, I’ve read enough.  Wikileaks has proudly divulged all the U.S. secret communications it could get its slimy hands on.  Good for it.  They only tell me what I pretty much already assumed the U.S. government and military did to either acquire information or manipulate the people it works with to get the response it wanted.  Big WOOP!  As if this is the very first time in history that any country has ever done (or continues to do) somethings like these….   GROW UP U.S. media –  yes, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC news, and FOX news…I mean YOU.   Yes, New York Times, Washington Post, NPR……I mean YOU.   Stop acting like grocery store tabloids and start acting like the quality news outlets you used to be.

If my government has a book on every leader in the world and each book contains comments about what those leaders like or dislike, or who they will listen to and who they won’t,  I’m proud….it’s doing the job I expect it to.   DUH!   The latest tweet from Scientific American –  yes, Scientific American –  says “Leaked Cables show U.S. pressured Saudis to Accept Copenhagen Accord”  –  WOOOOOOOO!!!!   Big news there….  yeah, that’s the first time EVER the U.S. has pressured someone into accepting an accord….. An accord, by the way, which will force the Saudis into diversifying their economy as our government made climate change a priority in it’s relationship with the Saudis…   Ok…where’s the big news there?   Grow up Scientific American.

If my country is secretly planning on North Korea imploding and assisting South Korea to create one unified country, by all means…have at it!   There’s nothing I’d like better than the world not having to worry about some weird-looking lunatic threatening to fire off atomic weapons.   As an American, I’m not embarrassed by that leaking out…it’s not news to me….

If I’m the President, I go on national T.V. and say “Yes, that’s how we operate and, yes, those are the things we said and did.  If you want to remain a safe and free country, that’s what we have to do.  We aren’t the first to operate like this, nor are we the only country to operate like this.  Deal with it.”

The U.S. press has to man-up and start producing quality reporting.  By acting like they are, they are enabling behavior  like that of Wikileaks to continue.  What that does is put U.S. diplomats and U.S. troops in harm’s way.   Start being accountable for what you print or publish.  Heaven forbid anyone gets hurt by what has already been made public but, if they are, I hope every one of you gets sued into non-existence.

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