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Veteran’s Day Has Personal Family Meaning

I have the great fortune of being the father of a son who is a senior at Syracuse University, and a top-ranked cadet in their Army ROTC program.  From day one, he has taken to the program like a fish … Continue reading

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SONY – How a Large Company Took Advantage of a College-bound Teen

My son Matt is 18 years-old and a good kid.  He’s smart (ranked 5th in his class) and athletic (team captain and goalie of the soccer team), and he’s overall just a good person.  He’ll be a freshman at Syracuse … Continue reading

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The U.S. Press needs to GROW UP

Ok, I’ve read enough.  Wikileaks has proudly divulged all the U.S. secret communications it could get its slimy hands on.  Good for it.  They only tell me what I pretty much already assumed the U.S. government and military did to … Continue reading

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A wrong-doing in America – Boy told to remove American Flag

I had a rather productive morning today and, decided that during my lunch I’d check the news.  It is sunny here, warmer than usual and, it had been a good day up until I read the following story:,0,3045879.htmlstory As … Continue reading

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