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Tired of Negative campaigning part 2

Kudos to Chuck Shumer for hitting the airwaves with commercials about what he’s accomplished, not what his opponent supposedly did or lacks…. Shame on you to both Matt Doheny and Bill Owens for running commercials that give us absolutely NOTHING … Continue reading

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Tired of negative campaigning

I’ve had enough. I have decided that who I vote for will be determined by the type of ads I see by the candidates. If you are running for an office and use your opponents flaws or fabricated facts about … Continue reading

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Now that the Yankees have left the building…

As a lifelong Yankee fan, I’ve heard all (and I mean ALL) the comments from Yankee-haters mostly pertaining to the amount of money the team spends on acquiring players and then, keeping them.  I’ve also listened while those people rejoiced … Continue reading

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