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The U.S. Press needs to GROW UP

Ok, I’ve read enough.  Wikileaks has proudly divulged all the U.S. secret communications it could get its slimy hands on.  Good for it.  They only tell me what I pretty much already assumed the U.S. government and military did to … Continue reading

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Don’t make this a different game…

On December 2nd the New York State Public High School Athletic Association will vote on a referendum to require men’s lacrosse helmets to be worn in women’s lacrosse.   While the intentions are good, I feel they are ill conceived. The … Continue reading

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Scan and pat-down all you want.

The media is saying a lot of people are having issues with the full-body scanners that have begun finding their way into airports.  These people are also taking issue with the more “intense” pat downs being used.   I am … Continue reading

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Just Shut Up Terrell….

Last night in the middle of the blowout that was a football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins, Terrell Owens posted a tweet critical of Donovan McNabb‘s recent contract extension with the ‘Skins.  Basically it said “How … Continue reading

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A wrong-doing in America – Boy told to remove American Flag

I had a rather productive morning today and, decided that during my lunch I’d check the news.  It is sunny here, warmer than usual and, it had been a good day up until I read the following story:,0,3045879.htmlstory As … Continue reading

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Thank You.

On this day we remember those who have served and, who currently serve in our Armed Forces so that we can enjoy the freedoms our great country has to offer. For me, personally, my family has had involvement in many … Continue reading

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Favorite Movies

  I was thinking the other day that I’ve seen a lot of movies in my 46 yrs and thought I’d throw out my Top-Twenty list.  They are a mix of old and new.  A lot of them are historical, … Continue reading

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